Please record your answers and send them to your group leader.

1. Read Genesis 1:26-31. What does this text teach about who humanity is to reflect to the world?

2. Read Psalm 139:13-16. What does this text teach about how God has made each person?

3. Read Ephesians 2:10. What does it mean when it says we are God’s “workmanship” (look it up in a study bible if needed)? What are we created for, according to this verse?

4. Read 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12:3-8, Ephesians 4:11, 1 Peter 4:10-11. While not meant to be an exhaustive list of the gifts God gives his people, these passages do contain many examples of how God gifts believers with certain skills. Generally, the gifts can be divided into two categories: gifts of serving and gifts of speaking. Do you think God has gifted you more in the way of speaking or serving? Are there any of the specific gifts mentioned in these passages that you think you have and why?

5. Read Ephesians 4:11-12. For what purpose does God gift leaders in the body of Christ? Whose job is it to “do the work of ministry”?

6. What is your MBTI personality type? Did you generally agree with the assessment?

7. What did you learn about yourself from the MBTI and Strengths Finder assessments that surprised you?

8. What are your top-5 strengths according to Strengths Finder?

9. What are the blind spots in your personality that you need to watch out for?

10. What did you learn about how you tend to interact with others?

11. If you are married, did you learn anything that explained how you tend to relate to your spouse?

12. How has your unique life experience contributed to your gift-mix?

13. Share what you have discovered with someone else and ask them for their honest feedback and whether they see the same things in you that you have discovered. This person should be a maturing believer who has seen you interact with and serve others over a period of time long enough for them to have a good understanding of you. This could be your spouse, a group leader, or someone from your church, or similar. Record their feedback. 

14. Given what you know right now about how God made you, how do you see yourself exercising your gifts in service to him?

15. What is a good next step for you to take in order to use your gifts to serve God and others?