The Process

This process is what you, as the group leader, will go through to prepare to lead your group. This will help you guide the discussion and give you insights to offer during your group discussion. Click here for an example of what each step of the preparation process should look like.

  1. Pray for God to help you understand the text.

  2. Observe your passage. Write down ten good observations, beginning with the phrase "I can observe that..." Asking the who?, what?, when?, where?, why?, and so what? questions will help you come up with great observations.

  3. Interpret your passage. Ask, "What would this text mean to the original audience?" Consult the commentaries below for guidance. Write your interpretation down in a few simple sentences.

  4. Apply the passage to your life. Ask the "SPECS" questions.

  • Sin to forsake?

  • Promise to claim?

  • Example to follow/avoid?

  • Command to obey?

  • Summary thought for today

    5.  Bring your notes to your group.