Search Story: Trey Fitch

Almost three years ago we shared with you the story of Trey Fitch. The subject line for that email was "multiplied impact." We recently re-read that email and were amazed at all God has done since we introduced you to Trey.

We shared with you at the time that Trey was connected to Search through a long line of relationships with people who love Christ and wanted to see their friends become believers in Jesus. We wrote, "I (Blaine) met Peter through my friend Shane. Peter met Trey at his gym. Shane lead to Peter, who lead to Trey. Who is next in line? Only the Lord knows, and we can’t wait to see Him work!"

The amazing update to Trey's story is that he accepted Christ three years ago and has been living out the Great Commission ever since. He completed our 2-year Ironmen program and now, he is using that training to reach out to his friends who don't yet know Christ. In fact, Trey had three friends join him at our latest Open Forum conversation!

Trey says that "Search has given me the confidence to approach my friends and ask them questions like, 'do you believe in God?' or 'who is God to you?' Or something as simple as, 'would you mind coming to an event with me where we are going to discuss life questions that rarely get brought up?'"

Trey is living out the Great Commission. There is no better illustration of Search's model of reaching our city with the gospel than this story. Shane led to Peter, who led to Trey, who is now reaching out to his friends and inviting them to take their next step toward God.

It is exciting to see God changing the lives of people in our city and giving them a passion to share the love of Jesus that has so profoundly changed them. Thank you for all you do to support the work Search is doing in Nashville, you are truly making an eternal impact!